Coding is not boring!

Learn the basics of programming in 3 hours

Coding is not boring!

Use coding fundamentals to boost your career

Coding is not boring!

See your code working on an interactive page
What we'll do

Cover the foundations of building websites in 3 hours

Online Group Class


Live coding


We'll go through an interactive beginner's coding class. I will first present you the basics of programming. Then, we will take a template page, and we will make it interactive together. But, it's all about imagination! Based on your interests, we can deviate from the base course.

At the end of this course, we should have a working calculator on a website page, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The concepts we will go through should give you a good base that will help you do more complicated coach in the future! I will also reserve some time at the end where I can answer any coding/programming related questions.

Feel free to send me a message in case you have a suggestion of what you'd like to do, and I will let you know if it's possible to incorporate that in the time slot.

We will have fun while building something together!

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Improve your skills!

No need to pay for an expensive bootcamp. Find out if you are into programming in this 3 hour online coding class now for only 59.99€. If you decide to cancel more than three days in advance, we guarantee you 100% of the money back.

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What you'll learn

The Programming Languages


All websites you visit use HTML to present the content and the structure of the elements presented. Learn the basic tags, and where to research advanced ones.

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Every modern website uses CSS too encode the styling of the websites. It can change everything from colors and font styles to creating animations!

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Any of the logic on a website can be coded in Javascript. Learn how to manipulate the content of your website by taking this course!

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Digital Team

Meet The Coach

I am a Software Developer that is passionate about engaging people in this community the correct way, by teaching how to code. I am teaching a beginners programming course in my current company, for employees from other departments. I have also volunteered to coach girls trying to get into coding in 1-1 sessions. Since I received good feedback, I decided to start my own course. I want to show you that you can see visible results in a few hours, and it won't drain you!

I have worked on internal, web and mobile applications. In terms of programming languages, my experience is quite varied as well: I have profesionally worked with Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra), Javascript, Elixir, Swift, React Native, Elm and Go. I have also seen small and very large applications, and taken lessons on how decisions should be done at each stage.

Ioana Surdu-Bob

Senior Backend Developer

Any questions or concerns?

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